Businesses That Could Benefit From Commercial Aerial Photography

Have you ever considered using aerial photography for your business? With the advancement in technology and equipment, aerial photography is becoming more accessible and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Many businesses could benefit greatly from using aerial photography to improve their marketing efforts, conduct surveys, and manage their assets.

This article highlights two businesses that could benefit from commercial aerial photography.

Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries of aerial photography. Traditional ground-level photography of properties has been the norm for a long time. However, aerial photographs allow for a better view of the property and its surroundings. This allows for a more comprehensive view to help prospective buyers or tenants decide if the property is a good fit for them.

Aerial photographs also allow buyers to compare different properties side by side, which helps them make a more informed decision. These photographs can showcase a bird's eye view of the property and all its surroundings, such as nearby amenities, parks, and schools. The pictures effectively give buyers a clearer sense of the property than they would ever get from at-level shots.

Aerial photography also helps real estate agents market their property better, helping them stand out in a crowded market. You can even create 3D maps and videos of the property and surrounding areas. This is particularly useful for large and complex properties like commercial buildings, apartment complexes, and resorts.


Construction and engineering firms require a lot of planning and attention to detail. Aerial photography can be an excellent tool for project management, offering an extra layer of detail. It can help them map the terrain, assess the site conditions, and monitor the construction progress.

These aerial photographs can be used to identify potential setbacks, such as traffic patterns, environmental difficulties, and other unexpected hindrances.

For clients, the photographs can showcase finished projects or the project's progress. Drones can also survey hard-to-reach areas such as steep slopes, bridges, or tall buildings. The resulting images and videos will help the clients get an accurate view of the project as they can easily monitor the progress.

Aerial photography is opening up new possibilities for businesses that rely on accurate data and visuals for their work. If you want to learn more about how aerial drone photography can help your business, do not hesitate to contact a professional photographer or videographer. They will be happy to answer your questions and offer a free consultation.