5 Must-Have Features for Your Security Camera System

Have you decided to get a security system for your home or business, but do not know what features are important to have? It will help to look for these features so that you get the right one. 

Wired Network Option

While a wireless security camera is easy to install, it does not always create the most reliable connection. That's why you will want to have the option for a wired connection so that you can use it if necessary. You may find that the cameras are faster to connect to, and do not depend on extending the signal strength of your router. 

Cloud Recording

Part of having a security camera is reviewing the footage when it is necessary since you will likely not see something happen live on camera. That's why you want to have cloud recording capability. This means that the footage will be saved to a data center that allows you to download the footage and review it when you are ready. It's the best way to ensure that you can access the footage since it is possible for on-site footage storage to be stolen, damaged, or deleted. 

Night Vision

Have cameras that are located outdoors? You will want them to have night vision capabilities so that you can see people on camera in the darkness. Without night vision, you'll need to light up the area enough so that a person is visible on camera. 

Motion Sensors

Want to be notified anytime there is movement on the security camera? Then it will need to have motion sensors that are capable of alerting you when something is moving. This can be great for indoor cameras where you don't have to worry about things accidentally setting off the motion sensor since the inside image should be static at all times unless someone enters your building.

Mobile App Control

It's crucial these days to have a mobile app that allows you to view and manage the cameras from outside your home or office. It is worth comparing the different apps provided by the camera manufacturers and looking at the features that they provide. It may not be enough to simply have an app, since you want it to have the functionality that makes using the app a good experience.

Reach out to a professional in your area that can assist you if you need help purchasing and installing a security camera system.