Which Are The Best Spots To Install Security Cameras In A Business?

Sometimes law enforcement does not find much help from security cameras because of poor placement. A savvy criminal can take advantage of poorly placed cameras and commit a felony with little chance of being caught. When buying security camera systems for a business, the first step should be figuring out where to place them. You can then decide on the best outdoor or indoor security cameras to buy. What are the best vantage points to mount security cameras on commercial premises?

Entrance and Exit Points

Gates and doors are the most obvious access points, so they should be covered. A security camera at the gate captures all cars coming in and going out. Likewise, security cameras covering the doors help monitor the people coming in or going out and the duration of their stay.

Prominent security cameras at entry points play a deterrent role because they signal the building is under surveillance. It puts off petty criminals. These cameras are usually at the start and end of a security audit when there is an incident.

Parking Lots, Loading Docks and Dumpsters

Criminals sometimes target parking lots because people are vulnerable and isolated at these spots. Parking lots are also common points of conflict as people jostle for car parking space or argue about right-of-way. You need to monitor this space with security cameras, especially when it is busy.

Monitoring the loading dock and dumpster area protects the business against internal pilferage because these spaces are favorite hide spots for stolen goods. Installing security cameras at these spots discourages malicious insiders.

Reception Desks and Lounges

Customer reception desks and lounge areas are high traffic spaces that need monitoring for security and traffic management. Security cameras at these points need to be a bit discrete to make your clients comfortable, especially in a sensitive establishment such as a clinic.


You need to monitor the spaces where you keep inventory or materials you use. For example, stores of valuable products like pharmaceuticals are high targets for break-ins. Security cameras coupled with access control systems can protect such spaces very well.

Today's smart security systems can monitor multiple stores or warehouses for seamless security management. Security cameras in these spots also play a deterrent role against internal pilferage. High-resolution indoor cameras work well to show who comes in and what they do in these spaces.

Are you looking to secure your business with security cameras? Talk to a security equipment supplier about suitable security cameras for your commercial premises.