Wanting New Solid Surface Counter Tops In Merrillville IN

As a woman I am always working in the kitchen, so I know what things work and what doesn't work with my daily work in the kitchen. As I wipe and clean off my kitchen counters probably more times that I can count, I know how annoying a counter top can be that is not one of the solid surface counter tops from Merrillville IN. When you are preparing food on the counter top, food gets stuck around and in the seams of my old counter top that is not one solid surface. When my counter top was installed it was built onto my cabinets by piecing together several different pieces to create one entire counter top, as was common of the time. The seams in these pieces collect food, crumbs, and liquids as I am cooking and making meals. There is one particular seam on my counter tops that is always causing a problem because it has a little bit larger of a ridge than the rest of the seams. I would love to have one of the new solid surface counter tops in Merrillville IN installed in my kitchen. I have told my husband that I want this as my birthday present this spring and nothing else. I hope I will be lucky enough to get the new counter top that I want. Share