We Needed Royalty Free Stock Footage

My husband and I had started a company together and we wanted to use videos to promote our business. Unfortunately, neither of us had the time or the skills to film the footage for ourselves. We decided to look for royalty free stock footage that we could edit and piece together as needed. I found a great site that had a lot of footage that fit in well with our niche. The terms were easy to understand and we would be able to manipulate the footage; however, we needed to. Our first videos weren't all that great, but that was because of editing, not because of the footage we used. We've gotten a lot better at putting together our videos, and we get a lot of great comments on our videos. We didn't have to invest in high priced video equipment to get the kinds of shots that we're able to use. Without high quality royalty free stock footage, our videos wouldn't stand out nearly as well as they do. We've gotten a lot of clients simply because they were drawn in by the images we chose. We consider our stock footage company to be a partner of sorts, and I'm glad that we found such impressive quality as our first choice. Share