Can Data Destruction Services Handle Non-Paper Materials?

Many people know that shredding is a great way of getting rid of paper records that need to remain private. The fact that data exists on many other media usually does not come to mind unless there is a need to ensure that such information stays private as well. Then, the question of how to destroy unwanted records that use non-paper systems comes right to mind. Fortunately, there are data destruction services that can handle all sorts of recording media. In most cases, shredding is used whether the information has been recorded on paper or not. Hard drives, x-rays, microfilm, and other such materials can all be destroyed by shredding. Hard drives don't even have to be dismantled to be put through this process. Powerful shredders can chop up the metal housings with no problems. In some cases, it's possible for clients to save money or even make money by using data destruction services. This is especially true when x-ray film is involved. One of the components of standard x-ray film is silver, so data destruction companies can earn cash by recycling that film. Some of them will pass on a percentage of the value to the customer. For other materials, recycling options vary. While these materials likely will not be so lucrative, they can make shredding surprisingly inexpensive. Share