How Web Hosting For Cheap Saved My Dream Of Writing

My dream had always been to become a writer. I joined the creative writing club in high school; I studied literature in college; I even took classes at my local community college to continue to grow my writing style. After filling up notebook after notebook with ideas I was finally ready to write my book. I poured everything I had into my book, which ended up being multiple books. I was very proud. However, every publisher I submitted my book to did not think it was what they were looking for. I was disappointed, but I did not give up. I discovered that I could publish the book myself with the help of an online business. It would be an e-book, but published nonetheless. This was great, but I still had the problem of letting people know about my book. I tried using social media, but I just wasn't reaching the biggest audience. I needed something more central: my own website. But I did not have a lot of money, so I needed web hosting for cheap. Luckily I found a great service that provided web hosting for cheap. This affordable web hosting site allowed me to be very creative with my website. This allowed me to convey the flavor of my books and provide a central site where I can direct all of the people interested in my books and my writing. Having this website really helped save my dream of writing! Share