Mono And Modular Hydraulic Blocks And Manifolds

A hydraulic manifold is a machinery component that regulates the flow of fluids in a hydraulic system. These systems can be found in heavy machinery such as backhoes, fork lifts, and SUVs, which means they are often purchased in the United States and Canada both for industrial and personal uses. Manifolds use hydraulic blocks and can come in either a mono-block or a modular-block design. Modular manifolds can contain one or two hydraulic blocks connected by valves to another manifold system. The mono-block system, on the other hand, has everything needed for the whole hydraulic system. When people need to purchase hydraulic blocks, it is usually for the modular-block system. These systems are easily changed and manipulated to improve the hydraulic design. This is because the blocks can be connected together simply due to the light materials of which they are made, which allow drill penetration. Modular-block manifolds are usually made of much heavier material because they don't need to be drilled for extra valves and circuits. The type of manifold and hydraulic blocks required for a vehicle or machinery depends on the hydraulic system. Fork lifts and backhoes that deal with a heavier load will need a more heavy-duty system. A mechanic can determine which blocks are necessary. Share