Desktop Computer Parts - The Power Supply

There are many different desktop computer parts that go into a computer in order to make it run. You have a motherboard, a hard drive, a power supply, a motherboard, RAM, and a processor. You can spend anywhere from 200 or so dollars to 10,000 dollars depending on your wants and needs. You also have to have a mouse, keyboard, and a monitor in order to fully use a computer. Today we are going to talk about the power supply and what it means to you. The power supply is oftentimes the most overlooked part. After all, if you have a properly working power supply you don't really ever worry about upgrading or changing the part out. If it works, it works. But that is the key, getting a power supply that works. If a power supply gets to your door with a type of flaw in it it can potentially fry all of your parts. This is not fun, I speak from personal experience! Go with a name brand power supply. They will take you far. Also, when you are wanting to game on your computer find a power supply with more than one 12 volt rail. The 12 volt rail supplies power to your main parts such as the GPU and more than one rail means better power production. Out of all the desktop computer parts the power supply can easily be overlooked. With this knowledge in tow, however, you shouldn't make this mistake. Share