Renting From Pro Audio Specialists In Minneapolis

For the past five years I've been playing gigs with a group of local musicians here in the Minneapolis area. When we're performing live, there are times where we need more sound equipment than others. It really just depends on the size and the structure of the venue we're playing. That's why we will sometimes contact specialists we know who handle pro audio in Minneapolis. We've been using their services for quite some time now. Usually we'll rent more microphones or self-powered loud speakers. We can also pick up an extra mixing console if we need more channels for a bigger show. Last summer we had multiple bands playing an outdoor gig with us. It was a charity event to kick off the fair season. We found ourselves in need of four different mixing consoles that day. The Minneapolis pro audio store that we rent from was able to provide everything we wanted. Another great thing about this service is the pricing. We've found by doing some comparisons at other stores that they are the most affordable in the market. The customer service is always over the top and the equipment we borrow from them is in fantastic shape and fully functional. Share