Defining Shared Website Hosting

Web hosting is the most affordable option to clients who do not find the need to create their own sites. In this case, one web server is connected to the internet and houses a number of websites. Each site has its own compartment to separate it from the rest. There are different web hosting sites that differ in the price charged, the disc space, the performance and the packages offered. The services offered in the sites are fast, reliable, user friendly and professional. Features of shared website hosting Many hosting sites have various packages that are offered to the clients. The packages comprise of disc space, bandwidth allocation and customization of the features. This adds functionality and operational management in the sites. The features are provided as scripts and applications; examples include calendars, blogs and chats. The provider is the main administrator who is responsible for the maintenance of the server. This includes upgrading the operating system, managing the servers and upgrading the security system through updating the antivirus software. The provider is also involved in installing a number of software. A control panel system is available to the users to access their sites. However, the time allocated for its use is limited and the functionality or its features cannot be changed. It is important for the user to choose an appropriate domain name for marketing purposes and in garnering popularity of the site. The web domain name should be original and unique. Most shared website hosting firms have a customer care support team that is available for the users round the clock. They provide technical advice and assistance. Share