With A Custom Home Theater In Denver You Are Going To Be The Party House

I have always wanted a custom home theater in Denver. When I was a young kid, my best friend had a custom home theater complete with movie theater style seating, a popcorn machine, and lights that dimmed. It honestly felt like a real movie theater. I always promised myself that when I had my house I would have a custom home theater in Denver too. Well, my husband and I have been married for five years now and have two kids. We just finished our custom theater and I love it. We put a sound system in with components that go under the seats that actually vibrate when there is a lot of action. We have to keep it turned off when my two year old is watching movies because it scares her. We had a big movie curtains put over the screen that open and close like a real theater and even have a light strip on the floor that leads to the door. There is a concession stand in the back of the room complete with a hot dog roaster, popcorn machine, and mini fridge for drinks. It took us a few years to save up for all the extras, but I was not going to skimp on anything. I love the way a custom home theater design team put together my room. It could not have turned out any better. Let a team of designers help you make your home theater dream come true. Share