Searching for discount family vacations

It has been a few years since our family has been able to go on a real, out of state vacation. Since our youngest child is now old enough to travel without too much fuss, I decided it was time to treat the entire family to a memorable vacation. The first problem I ran into when beginning the planning was travel costs. The cost of air fare has not gotten lower over the years; especially when purchasing tickets for five people. Although our budget was tight, I decided to go to a travel agent to see if it might be possible to find discount family vacations that included lodging and travel. To my surprise, after a quick visit to a travel agency, I came away with multiple destinations and itineraries that fit well within the budget and allowed us to spend a little extra on food and entertainment while on vacation. Another bonus was the fact that our time while at the destination would be filled with attractions and the family would not be left wondering what to do next or stuck in the hotel surfing television channels. All members of the family are excited for our discount family vacations and I am glad that the planning phase turned out to be so simple. Share