Hiring A Private Investigator In Atlanta

I never thought that I would need to hire a private investigator in Atlanta. I owned a small business with only three employees besides myself and things were missing from the office. I didn't want to believe that one of my employees was a thief, or even dishonest, but I couldn't ignore it any longer. I also didn't like admitting to myself that I hadn't done the due diligence that I should have. When I first started hiring people, I didn't do background checks. It sounds silly now, but at the time it seemed intrusive of me to do that. As my business grew, so did the assets of the business. That meant that it was far more tempting for an employee to misbehave if one of them were already so inclined. My private investigator in Atlanta was able to do the research I needed. He found that there was one employee who did indeed have a questionable background. I hated having to talk to her about what I suspected, but she did confirm that she was my culprit. Now I am more thorough with my hiring process, but I know that if I miss something, there's an investigator I can call who can help me find out more. Share