Creating Storyboards

People may create storyboards to plan and flesh out a novel, comic strip or film. People who create animated shorts often create storyboards to plan their film. Storyboards help filmmakers plan how their subjects will fit inside the frame of the camera. Storyboards also depict how the subject will be moving in the film. Emotions and conversations may be captured using storyboards. All dialogue in the film is carefully planned within the storyboards. Storyboards are typically designed by hand using a pencil or pen. However, some artists use specially designed software to create their ideas. Artists should experiment with a number of different creation methods before choosing the best one for their skills. Storyboards may be created on index cards using stick figures. Backgrounds should be carefully drawn onto the cards before placing the stick figure. Camera angles can be depicted using the storyboards. Filmmakers should use a number of shot types of give their film an authentic feel. Limiting the shot types to one or two will make the film feel stagnant within the first five minutes. The camera should zoom in and out frequently to give the film depth. Filmmakers can experiment with their animation style while creating the film. Share