Having A Near By Motorola Dealer

Motorola is one of the best known names in electronics. It is perhaps most well known currently for its flagship cell phone, the Razr. Some may choose to purchase their cell phone through their carrier's store, but others will want to buy directly from an authorized Motorola dealer. This can offer the consumer many different benefits, as well as some drawbacks. On one hand, if you go through the Motorola dealer, you will more likely have better service and answers directly related to your specific device, whereas with a local carrier store they may be able to give you general help with the device, but will be much better able to help you with problems with your service and plan, as they are the ones that provide your cell service. Also, the Motorola dealer is much more likely to have replacement parts and in face entire replacement devices right there in the store, while the carrier store will most likely need to order those specific parts for you. Overall, the best situation would be to live close to both the dealer and the carrier store so that you can have your needs taken care of either way. Or, you can always go online! Share