Clean Energy Technologies: Windmills

Clean energy technologies are a series of different alternatives that we can apply to preserve our planet and limit our impact on nature. Clean energy technologies include solar energy, wind energy, and other sources of energy that were declared clean. The reason why these different types of energy are considered to be clean is because their use does not pose any sort of threat to the environment. In other words, clean energy technologies are sources of energy that are sustainable. In the United States, a growing number of people are trying to decrease their reliance on common sources of energy such as natural gas and increase their dependence on cleaner sources of energy such as solar energy. Also, the United States Department of Energy has been adopting an initiative whose objective is to increase the construction and installation of windmills. Windmills are structures that are designed to convert the energy generated by wind into a source of energy that can be used for every day's uses. Windmills can generally be found in remote areas such as countries. Indeed, unlike in metropolitan areas where there is a large number of buildings, these locations allow for a better collection of wind energy. Share