Shopping At The Tmobile Store In California

I was working with my phone in my pocket a few months ago, when I had to bend over and get something off of the floor. As I was fishing around on the floor to find what I had dropped, I realized that my phone had fallen out of my pocket onto the hard floor. I knew that it wasn't a good drop because I heard the sound that it made when it fell. I picked up my phone, and sure enough it looked really bad. It appeared to have turned off, but it wouldn't turn back on. I tried to get it to turn on a few times, but it appeared to be pretty broken. When I got home that night, I showed my wife, and she told me that we would need to get me a new one. We drove to the tmobile store in California, and we asked the clerk if they fixed cell phones. They said that they didn't, and after looking at the phone they told me that it was done for. I decided to start looking for a new phone at the tmobile store in California, and within a few minutes I was able to find exactly what I was looking for. Share